Pattaya Beer Garden

Pattaya Beer Garden wouldn't it be a good idea to open a large beer place in Pattaya? The bier garten in Bangkok works very well. No barfines, cheap beer and a huge area and selection, it also cleans up the streets of Pattaya. No ladydrinks is a bonus also, however that will put some ladies off! pattaya beer garden is the way forward and everyone knows it!

Beer Garden Pattaya Location

It would have to be a huge bar with lots of space to work, Pattaya has plenty of units empty in the ever increasing building and the decrease of mongering visitors. Hopefully the beer garden will get all the lonely mongers out of the quiet bars drinking alone and getting them together in one big Pattaya beer garden.

Here is what the Bangkok Bier garten looks like, perfect role model and ideal to copy from.

Pattaya beer garden




As you can see this beer garden is huge and it started off open, then a while later there was walls built around the sides. I think a Pattaya beer garden should be closely modeled from this example to reduce risk, business modeling is the best trick in the book, so many guys come up with a new idea that is risky and unproven and they loose everything.



Cheap beer and no barfines at the Beer Garden.

It's a great concept and thats what will make the Pattaya beer Garden successful. The biggest problem is letting all the ladies know, its ashame freelancers dont have a thai forum so they could be warned about bad foreigners in pattaya, health risks and a pattaya beer garden! Infact why dont we set up a freelancer forum for ladies of the night, we could point out to them about bad farang and health risks etc. Can you imagine them mirroring our topics at secrets.

pattaya beer garden lady

Will the pattaya beer garden give the ladies of Pattaya somewhere to stay? Maybe it will be a rescue home for bar girls and homeless farang?

Or will all the sexy ladies, quit go gos so they can get as many sponsors as possible. Therefore avoid the sponsors by not going back to the same bar.